Best ways for  the short guys to look taller

Shorter height is an issue mainly for the guys. Some do not care about it but some get quite touchy with that. But, it is not an issue anymore. In this modern world, every body type, every skin colour and every height have its own style.

Best ways for the short guys to look taller

Best ways for the short guys to look taller |

No matter how you look like, if you want to look good then nothing can stop you. All you have to do is to follow the fashion and go with it. Your smart choices can easily help you in looking good.

As we are discussing the short guys here, they are mostly concerned about what to wear and how to wear. But a fact that they can also look attractive by following few dressing tips.

Dressing tips for the short guys:

Single colour theory: eventually, this theory works out in the best way for the short guys. Do wear same colour pants and shirt to hide your breaks. This way, you will give an impression of a taller body.

Hairstyles: keep your hairs shorter. By doing this, you can show your neck and shoulder separately. Long hairs hide your neck part which feels like you have the same area rather than a good neck and masculine shoulders. Shorthairs will do that. They will give a clean look to your face, neck and shoulder area.

Sweaters: while choosing the blazers for yourself, choose the one that will go a bit down to your hips. They will make your body looks in shape and well textured. Same to do with the jackets. Also, if you are planning to wear double breasted suits them to do all of its buttons. It will help you in looking tall.

Pants: avoid wearing pants too high; they will make you look shorter. Wear them just above the hips for the narrow and long look. Leave your pants extra length from the bottom. They will make you look taller and slim. No-pleat pants are in fashion and will make you look catchy.

Vertical Lines: the lines are the best helping tool for shorter weighted men. They magically make you look taller than usual. Choose the shirts with the vertical lines and the pinstripes. You can also try the checkered shirts.

Shoes: there are so many kinds of shoes are now available that can easily make you look taller. The shoes with thick insoles and elevator shoes make the guys look highlighted. They add some inches to your height. Pick bulkiest shoes that will make you look big from the feet.

Best fitting: avoid wearing clothes that don’t fit your body. They will make you look heavy and short. Well, fitted clothes define your body curves and save you from looking oddly short. Keep the best fit of your clothes and make yourself look good.

Remember that, looking taller is not what your goal is. Looking comfortable and wearing the clothes that suit you is the best fashion trick. You will automatically look classy and handsome.