4 Trendy Tones for Dull Lips, to which Beauty Professionals now Rely

From Soft Pink to Cool Rosé: The new, matte trendy tones for the lips look cool, noble and natural. Sounds like a shiny idea, right?

4 Trend Tones for Dull Lips

Matte lips should be kissed – and if they are then emphasized in the following trend colors,
that is all the truer

Create soft accents with soft pink

The color is currently undergoing a beauty comeback. But unlike the iridescent, sweet-sweet original from the late 80s, the Rosatom is now made up matt and opaque. The effect: a casual, very portable tender lip make-up. And no trace of Barbie! So that the complexion does not look too pale, emphasize the cheeks with a little rouge and shower the eyelashes vigorously. Great contrast to the bright lips: shimmering bronze eyeshadow.

Emit with Magenta Power

The dark pink tone you have been too flashy? Then try the matte version. It makes the pop-colored magenta look much more wearable and grown-up – without losing its radiance. As with all matte tones, the lips must be well maintained. Therefore scrub off the lips with a scrub before applying. For this mix three teaspoons of olive oil, two teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of brown sugar. After peeling, wash off the lips and apply the paint with an applicator or brush.

Refreshed with Cool Rosé

The ideal color for the job as the cool, subtle rosewood tone radiates sovereignty. Another plus: he intensifies the natural lip color and makes the complexion appear fresher. Since all matte lipsticks are very highly pigmented and have a strong opacity, even bright colors last longer. In the case of glossy textures, on the other hand, it quickly dissolves to a certain extent “in the air” because it contains fewer color pigments.

To shine with Grenadine

This tone, a strong orange-red, gives us a good summer feeling even in autumn – it looks so fresh and dynamic. A little extra tip: to keep the color even better, dab some Foundation on the lips, then tighten the lip contour with a liner in Grenadine for an exact application of color. With this shade of red, the lips are in focus. Therefore, the rest of make-up may be more subtle. Mascara and a touch of rouge in terracotta – that’s enough.

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