4 Best Scarf Knots for Men

4 Best Scarf Knots for Men

Using scarves with either a dress shirt or a casual t-shirt is very common nowadays. But still there are so many people who do not know how to tie a knot with a scarf and that what kinds of scarf knots are there that they can choose for them. A scarf is typically used in either extremely cold region or hot deserts like Sahara desert and similar others. People usually wear a scarf to block the cold wind in the winter season and it can be used even with a coat either inside or outside of the coat. Other uses of a light fabric scarf are to stay away from the strong and dangerous sun rays during the day in a deserted area where a typical man used to cover his head and neck all over with a scarf when traveling in a warm desert.

4 Best Scarf Knots for Men

However, scarves have so much importance in men’s wardrobe not only from past few years but from so many centuries. Gradually, people just adopted the trend of wearing a scarf either with a long coat or with a casual dress shirt. We have compiled a list of the best scarf knots that are very popular in men’s wardrobe.

  • The City Slicker
  • The Sophisticate
  • The Ivy Leaguer
  • The Jet Setter

The City Slicker:

The City Slicker

The City Slicker is one of the most stylish and easiest knots to tie and it takes just half of the minute of yours. Just simply fold the scarf with equal length and wrap it around your neck. After wrapping it around your neck, just pull the end of the scarf from the other side’s loop and you are all done.

The Sophisticate:

The Sophisticate

This is another very easy and stylish knot that you can use for tying the knot of your scarf. It can be used with a coat, a t-shirt or either with a cardigan as well. Just simply drape the scarf around your neck making one side of the scarf longer than other and then roll it around your neck and you are done. However, if you want a more bundled look, then you can repeat the same process once more. Adjust the length of both ends as per your preference and have fun.

The Ivy Leaguer:

The Ivy Leaguer

As the name says it all, this knot style gives you a look and feel of a Harvard alumni and tying this knot up is not a hard thing to do. Just simply drape the scarf around your neck and you are half done. In the next step, you can either let it outside your coat or you can tuck it into it. It can be used with either a tuxedo or with a blazer as per your choice.

The Jet Setter:

The Jet Setter

The Jet Setter is the easiest style to knot your scarf around the neck without taking much time of yours. Just drape the scarf around your neck leaving one side longer than other and then just roll it over your neck and you are all done. It can give you a classy look and feet and you can use it with any kind of apparel.