Tips for Wearing a Dress Shirt with Jeans

Tips for Wearing a Dress Shirt with Jeans

Choosing an outfit for the next big event is probably the most difficult thing for either a social or maybe an anti-social person. But the common thing for both kind of people is that they are going to a party or maybe on a family function to attend their nephew’s birthday and they are all out of ideas that what to wear to look extremely handsome or at least, good enough for the crowd. If you are one of those people and struggling hard with your closet then you can try one of these tips to get a perfect outfit for your event.

You can either try a casual t-shirt to put on and set out on the journey but the problem is that if you are above your 20s then it may not look good for you as you have stepped into a mature arena of your age where you should be looking a perfect grown up unlike that Yankee boy who’s still in the school or college. But you can still use your favorite jeans for your function as it can give you great results if you just make few amendments in it.

You can try a dress shirt with your blue jeans either from Gucci or Calvin Klein that’s totally up to you that which brand you pick in your jeans.

  • Flannel Dress Shirts
  • Dobby Dress Shirts
  • Checked Dress Shirts
  • Mélange Dress Shirts

Flannel Dress Shirts:

Flannel Dress Shirts-final

Whatever the brand you choose for your jeans, if you want a different look that gives you a macho feeling then you can try a dress shirt that is made up of Flannel. Flannel is a fabric that has rough threats on it and it looks very nice when wore with jeans.

Dobby Dress Shirts:

Dobby Dress Shirts

If you are looking for a silky fabric to wear on your body then you can go for Dobby dress shirts that will give you all the qualities that you are looking in a silky dress shirt. Its vertical patterns look very great in any color and give the wearer an extremely adorable feeling while wearing on the body.

Checked Dress Shirts:

Checked Dress Shirts-final

Wearing a checked dress shirt with any regular jeans is a very common fashion and anyone can opt to it either having a muscular body or even a slender body. Just choose the matching color to wear it with your jeans and you will look great in the function all the way. Do not tuck the shirt inside the pant and if you do, then use a good belt with a nice buckle that could cover the jeans’ button.

Melange Dress Shirts:

Mélange Dress Shirts

Melange is another beautiful option to wear with jeans on a function as it gives you the perfect look with any kind of jeans. Basically a Mélange dress shirt is silky but it has some checked pattern on it that gives you the perfect look especially in sunny days. You can try a half sleeves Mélange dress shirt in summer and in outdoor functions.