The best way to dress- Short girls

Pattie, Shorty or tiny can be used for the short girls. To those short heighted girls who do not embrace and praise their height, you may idealize those with long legs and heights, but short heighted girls have their own class.

The best way to dress- Short girls!

Always remember that, the class is defined by the fashion you do and stuff you wear. Here are some of the very useful tips regarding the dressing up of the short weighted girls.

Hi Short Girls Dress up Now:

Sometimes, girls do not know the right way of dressing. They think that whatever is looking good for another, will look good on them too. The fact is, we must dress up after keeping our physical appearance in sight. So, all of you short girls, it’s time to head up high and tries these:

  • High Waist:

Legs can be made look longer than they actually are by wearing high wasted bottoms or belts. This way your legs will look longer and it actually works.

To belt at or above the waist use belt no wider than 1 inch. If you use anything wider than 1 inch your legs may appear as shorter.

If you don’t like belts you can choose to wear high wasted bottoms like jeans, shorts, pants, skirts etc. These bottoms are perfect to be fitted right on your waist line.

  • Crop Top:

Wear a crop top with high wasted bottoms as you don’t want your torso to appear shorter than it really is. Crop top is the ideal choice of high wasted bottoms for Pattie girls.

  • Single colour:

Avoid wearing multi-coloured dresses and stuffs. Everyone loves to wear and live multi and Technicolor but wearing too much colour on shorter heights will cause more problems and you may look frumpier or unfashionable than you really are.

If you don’t like wearing all single colour theme then as an alternative wear same colour shoes as of your pants , tights, bottoms etc.

Maxi Dresses:

Maxi dresses are ideal for girls with shorter heights. Try to find it in the kids’ department and if you are unable to find it there make sure you stick up with body fit maxi dresses and it will show off your silhouette hence distracting away focus from your height.

Don’t Dos:

Some of the things that shorter girls must avoid are:

Capris :

Capris may appear as an attractive wear but for short heighted girls it’s a big no. Capri cuts the legs into half as the length of legs are unflattering.

No baggy and lose wear:

Do not wear loose or baggy clothes as wearing them your torso will appear longer and your height will appear shorter. Baggy clothes make the person look bulkier than taller. It is best to avoid them completely.

Avoid too many layers:

Avoid wearing too many colors as wearing too many colours your silhouette may appear wider for Pattie girls and your height will look shorter. It is also a confusing thing to do. Multi colours are simply nothing.

By following the above tips, you can surely make yourself appear better with the average height.