Styling for the Tall Girls

Styling for the Tall Girls

Every girl desires to look good and do everything for that. There are so many fashions that girls adopts that suits them.

You will find every height in girls, from short to tall to average. But there are more chances of you getting noticed when you are taller than other girls. Being a tall lady, is not a common thing amongst the girls.

When it comes to fashion, the stylists say different things but the best fashion to do is to do everything! Yes! There are so many obligations when it comes to the tall girls but the fact is that, the tall girls can do all sorts of fashion they want.

Things for your Unusual Height:

You must not be worried with your tall height and must not be afraid while picking any fashion or style. Everything is possible for tall girls. Such as:


  • Hairs: No matter what is the length of your hair, you can wear them anyway. If you have long hairs, tie them on ponytail and show off your neck. Also, you can get a good haircut from the expensive dresser after some time. If you want, you can keep short hairs too. Get out of the theory that tall girls cannot have the short hairs. Try out any hair cut, you want.


  • Make up: Do put on some blush on your cheeks and enhance the length of your cheeks. Use the mute lip gloss, shiny or pink coloured lip gloss on your lips. For eyes, you must use the brown eyeliner and mascara on lashes. A little makeup makes you look more decent and trendy. Try gel eyeliner sometimes, too.


  • Clothing: Jeans are always the in thing for the tall girls. They get a chance to show off their legs and grab the attention. Wear turtle neck or open neck tops with it but do not forget top wear a nice scarf or necklace with it. Fitted jeans will look so good. Do not wear long skirts; instead go for the medium length skirts or the short skirts. Button-down, V-necks are yes thing for tall girls.


  • Footwear: The basic thing to keep in mind is to wear the shoes that are comfortable. The next thing is, you can wear heel easily up to 2 to 3 inches, and there is no fuss with that. Make sure that the design will suit your feet.  Wear pumps too, they cover your feet. Flat shoes are good doing for the tall girls, get the ones with nice colours and good designing.


  • Accessories: You can carry a big shoulder with a short strap. You can wear big earrings while piling your hairs back. You can wear heavy necklaces, lots of bracelets on hands and some catchy rings. But, do not wear them altogether. When you are wearing necklace then do not wear big earrings. Wear one kind of accessory at a time. Otherwise, you would look out of style. 

Add these tips in your daily life and make the most of your beautiful height. Remember that, it is God gifted and you must not be afraid of experimenting with the fashion.