Skin care advice for men in winter

Winters causes issues not only for women but also for the men. Their skin faces lots of different problems in the winter. Though, it has seen that men usually do not care about their skin very much, which is totally wrong. Men have to look presentable as they have to face the world outside. Here we have some skin care advice specially for men in winter.

In practical life, your appearance also matters a lot. The very first impression comes from your face and dressing. The winter sucks all the moisture from the skin, and leaves the skin cracking and unpleasant. This certainly does not look good.

Skin care advice for men in winter

The typical way of curing the winter beaten skin is by applying the cold cream. The cold cream is quite greasy which leaves the skin with oily patches. It does not look presentable at all.

The easy solution to avoid all the skin problems and the greasy-feeling problems in winters is by following the few useful tips, with applying below skin care advice you feel confidence during this winter.

Skin care advice for men in winter

The Warm water bath

In winter and summer both, men must take shower with the lukewarm water. Avoid the hot water; it will cause serious effects on your cold skin. Do not even pick the cold water as it will dry your skin by washing away all the moisture. The Luke warm water will keep the moisture and softness of the skin in place.

Use Sun Block

Men are more open to the sun and they have to work more in the dust and sun rays. These rays cause the adverse side effects on the skin and your skin becomes dark, freckled and rough. Therefore, always apply the sunscreen before going out. The ultraviolet rays are dangerous to the skin and can cause serious damage.

Moisture in the skin

Skin loses its natural moisture in the winters. Avoid using the petroleum jelly or the cold cream, they will grease your skin and leaves a bad smell. Use the best quality moisturizing cream for your skin and according to the skin type. Apply that cream before sleeping too.

 Shave smoother

Shaving smoothly is possible in winters too. Just massage your skin with the best moisturizer before the shaving. That way, it will get saved easily and smoothly. After shave, just put on the Vitamin E enriched cream and your skin will surely feel better.

The Water

Water is important for every man and woman. They need it to hydrate their system and the skin too. Water is the must-have thing for the skin. It will keep your skin hydrating, glowing and soft.

Do the proper Cleansing

Use the natural cleanser to do the skin cleansing. It will take out the dirt and stores the moisture in your skin. Do not use any soap thing or the face wash. A good soap with the milk’s extract is perfect to use in the winters.

Take a shower

Put a few drops of almond oil in the water tub before taking bath. It will keep the skin moisture and softness. You will not feel like having cracking skin or something else. You can also put on the almond oil after taking a shower, on the whole body.