Simple nail art to do yourself

Nail colours are the fashion accessory that girls love to have and do have on their dressing table. Almost every colour is available in the nail colour now. This is the most favourable thing for the girls.

It makes you look good that you are also wearing matching nail colour with your outfit. And, if you have added some art on your nails too then no doubt that they will look attractive.

It is not important that you will get the nail art done from some salon only. You can do it yourself too.

Simple nail art to do yourself:

The Nail Painting with art:

Getting nail art on the nails is not that difficult. You are just required to have some good nail colours and some accessories that will do things for you.  With a simple design, you can create some very nice designs on your nails.

First, make sure about cutting your nails in a good shape and buff them. There must not be any dirt in the nails.

Here are some designs for the simple nail art at home. Pick any one you like or do the new ones daily.

  • Zig Zag: With this nail art, all you need are two nail colours maximum. Nay of the base colour and a black nail colour. Put on the base colour, for example pink, red, blue, green etc and make a simple zig zag design with the black nail colour on it. You can use some very thin tip art brush or the barbeque stick for the design making.
  • Diamond Nails: Get some sparkly beads from the market. Put on a base coat of transparent nail polish first. This polish will protect your nail body. Now place a little glue on the back of the beads and stick them on your nail in line. Keep on doing this until the entire nail gets covered with it. Just check out that how glamorous it looks at the end. 
  • V-style: Get three nail colours in contrast. Now paint your nail with the one from the right side then with the other colour from the left side. Make sure that you are painting them in a way that a V will form of both colours. Get it down neatly and then carefully, clear the empty space with the third colour. 
  • Sparkles at the bottom: Get yourself a light colour nail polish. First, colour all the nails with it. Wait till they get dry. Now, get a glitter nail polish. You can contrast them with the other colour or get the same colour glitter nail polish. Put the glittering nail polish at the bottom of the nails. Make sure that they won’t get messy. Paint it like; it would look part of the same nail colour. Enjoy the smart art! 
  • Red is Hot: Red is the colour of every time. It looks good every time you wear it. Just put in a simple red nail colour on your nails. If you want to add some in it, then put some polka dots on it. You can try out polka dots of white or black colours too.

With these simple homemade nail art, you can surprise your friends easily. It will happen for sure that you will get some praise from your circle. So, try it out!