Stylish Pakistani Salwar Kameez Designs in 2016

Salwar kameez is the national dress of Pakistan. Salwar kameez is worn by almost all of the people living especially in Pakistan. Both male and females used to wear our national dress, salwar kameez. There are various designs and new trends have been introduced in for salwar kameez.

Salwar kameez designs

Many designers have been introducing new trends and designs of salwar kameez for both gents and ladies as well. There is a lot of various in the designs of salwar kameez. Salwar kameez is the commonly chosen dress especially by the females of Pakistan and India.

Salwar kameez are the easiest and the most comfortable dress ever used by ladies and by men as well. Salwar kameez is used as the traditional dress in India.

There are various types of salwar, which have been worn by almost all the ladies. The types of salwar worn by ladies include:

  • Patiala salwar
  • Dhoti salwar
  • Straight salwar
  • Afghani salwar
  • Sharara salwar
  • Trouser salwar
  • Parallel salwar

Patiala salwar:

This is the type of salwar which excludes the Punjabian style. This style of salwar was usually adopted by the royal families or the kings of the city. As they were worn by the royal class of the city so they were also known as Patiala Shahi salwar. This type of salwar has folds which start from the waist, it is laden with pleats. It is some kinda heavy to wear. This type of salwar requires an almost double length of cloth as needed to stitch a normal salwar.

Dhoti salwar:

This style is basically adopted from the men’s dhoti. It has a pleat that which originates from the front side and then go on the back side and gives a U-shaped look. It is easy to wear. It is loose, comfortable and easy to wear.

Straight salwar:

These are the straightly stitched salwar with a minimum number of pleats.

Afghani salwar:

It is originated from Afghanistan. It is wider at its cuff and is narrower than the normal salwar. This style has many variations.

Sharara salwar:

It usually has a sort of wide leg pants. It is more look like the full skirts. They are usually worn with a drawstring. They are very much comfortable and usually suits the women with narrow body structure.

Trouser salwar:

It is stitched more like trousers. It gives the look of the trouser. It provides an elegant look. They give a decent look. They really provide the cool and beautiful look with long kameez. It is the best combination ever. They are usually up to the ankle in length. They are the ever best combination for office wear and young women.

Parallel salwar:

Parallel salwar is those which are of the same width throughout the length from top to bottom. Its cuff can be embroidered or plain. They are usually best worn with kurtas, short shirts or with the front open kurtas.

Apart from these popular types of salwar, there are many other variations like Black salwar, kite salwar, samosa salwar, kumkum salwar, churidaar Pajama, kajor salwar and so on.

Kameez are mostly of the same style. The variations within kameez (shirts) include long shirts, short shirts, frocks, kurtas, etc.

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