How to Remove Acne Overnight?

How to Remove Acne Overnight

The moment when you see a spot or a pimple on your face is one of the most irritating periods of your life especially when you have an important meeting next morning. Acne is a common problem that everyone has and wants a permanent or more appropriately a reliable solution to remove that. You must have seen many products that claim to remove the acne overnight or in just a few days but they all fail because they are not as genuine as they claim to be. However, you can resolve this problem on your own by following these few tips that work every time and at a very low cost.

Initial Steps for Handling Acne:

Initial Steps for Handling Acne

At the very first step, do not touch your pimple as it can make the situation worse than before. Instead, use a soft cleanser and do not be very cruel or harsh when dealing with even a small size pimple. Clean your face right away and dry it with a towel of a clean piece of cloth but do not whip your face too hard and be gentle while doing that.

Use Ice Cubes on your Face:

Use Ice Cubes on your Face

Generally, pimples are hot and come out of your skin in the heated environment either from outside or from inside your body and using an ice cube is a proven way to reduce them in no time. Just get some ice in an ice bag or you can just pick the ice cube in your hand and put it on your face for at least 10 to 15 minutes. By doing so, you can easily make them disappear in no time and you would not have to spend any single penny to do that as you can simply go to your fridge and take out the ice tray from the freezer.

Use White Toothpaste on your Face:

Use White Toothpaste on your Face

As an alternative way, you can use toothpaste on your pimple that has all the important ingredients that fight back sebum and dirt to make a pimple and other dirt spots go away in a very short time. Just take some paste and rub it over the part of your face that is infected and let it be there for as much time as you could and you will get good results by doing so. It is strongly advised to use the white toothpaste only for this purpose and do not use a gel toothpaste as it is not made for such kind treatments at all.

Juice of Fresh Fruits:

Juice of Fresh Fruits

If you can afford some fruits, then it will give you extremely good results if you could get a juice of fresh fruits. Just bring the fresh fruits juice and rub it all over your face same like as you use a facial cream on your face. Let it be there for a reasonable time let say around 1 to 2 hours and then wash your face and you will be surprised that how effective it is to use a fresh fruit juice on your skin.

Hope You will enjoy our article and it will really help you to remove Acne overnight. You should also read our article about Acne Skin Care Tips for Your Beauty.