Henna (Mehndi) Cultural Colors & Mehndi Designs!

For women, Mehndi (Henna) is the most ancient way to decorate their hands and feet with simple Mehndi designs. The history of Mehndi (Henna) is as old as the Sub continent’s civilisation. According to some experts, the origin of Mehndi is India and some tells that the Mughals introduced it in Subcontinent.

Today, Mehndi (Henna) is a popular part of many cultures. It is the sign of happiness, love, and blessings. There are several myths related to the colour of Mehndi and Mehndi designs. Women and girls wear it on the occasions like wedding, engagements, Miles, and other related functions.

Henna (Mehndi) Cultural Colors & Mehndi Designs!

The Mehndi is made from the henna plant leaves which are dried and then squash into the powder. This powder is available in both pastes and in the liquid form. Women apply it with the help of a paint brush or through the plastic cone.

There are various types of designs are now available to apply to your hands and feet. You will find Arabic, Pakistani, Indian, Bengali, African and many other designs for the Mehndi application. The girls put on the designs they like and which suits them. You can distinguish these designs in the way of their designing.

Here are some explanations regarding the Mehndi (Henna) styles:

Indian Mehndi (Henna) Style

You must have seen that big dot in the middle of the palm with the many dots following throughout the fingers. At the tip of the fingers, the Mehndi is filled in. This famous Mehndi style is called the Indian style. This style is liked by almost every woman and girl.

Arabic Mehndi Style

This style of Mehndi is very open in the terms of designing. The leaves and flower patterns are mostly used in the Arabic style. They are made into a flowing trail and with the bold designs. This looks lovely on arms, hands and feet. This Mehndi design also looks sort of modern design.

Pakistani Mehndi Style

In the Pakistani Mehndi style, the designs are made in very much detail and look very artistic. This style requires lots of time to get done and it has fillings in it too. The bridal designs of Pakistani Mehndi are very time-consuming yet very exquisite. This style includes the flower trails, leaves, and geometric designs.

African Mehndi Style

This style is mostly consisting of the geometric designs. It is done in the bold lines without any proper fillings. The bold lines and geometric designs that are used are simple but look beautiful on the hands and feet.

There are varieties of Mehndi designs present in the Mehndi style. Girls pick according to their choice. Also, there are many colours now available in the Mehndi such as the red or black. But the original one comes in the brown colour. The dark brown colour appears after the application of normal Mehndi and it leaves the orange prints after we wash them. The brown or the normal Mehndi is most recommendable as they do not have any dangerous chemicals.

Girls must choose the normal Mehndi instead of picking the chemical ones with the different colours. Protect your hands and feet so that you will look beautiful after applying Mehndi styles in different ways.