Ladies Dressing style at work- Must Follow

Dressing Style count a lot in anyone’s career. While at work, you have to look more professional than anything else. This makes your presence more strong and sensitive at the work place. Your dressing style or look at work, it shows your level of professionalism and seriousness towards work. You must be dressed up in a way that everyone can sense your solid existence.

Dressing style at work- Ladies

You must pick the dresses with the right cuts, styles and colours. Everything must be balanced so you fit well at the place. Being extra with anything will only make you look over. You must be presentable in the way that you are here for work and not for showing off only your dressing style.

In reality, the simple feminine look has more power than the designed one. You have to accomplish career goals with that simplicity. Here are some of the fashion tips that you must pursue in your working life.

What Dressing Style at Work Should Be:

  • Clothing: You can wear the suits when there is some important meeting or simply wear pants with the matching or contrast shirt. You can also wear skirts with the blouse or shirt. Matching pant and blazer also looks chic at the workplace and give a good look to your dressing style.
  • Shoes: Wear formal closed toe shoe only. Sandals are a no-no for the work place. They look loud in the work place. Showing off the feet is not that formal. Choose black, white, nude, grey or navy blue shoes. Avoid wearing colours like red, pink, light blue etc. 
  • Colours: Choose the colours that are simple and common like black, white, navy blue or red too. You can try wearing a red shirt or blouse once in a month with black or white pants. Get the dark colour suits so it will make you look classic. You can also wear pastel colours at work place. Avoid the colours like hot pink, yellow, orange, bright green etc. 
  • Jewellery: Wear a single bracelet, studs, earrings or a chain necklace. This kind of single jewellery looks feminine and decent. Do not wear the jingling stack of bracelets or earrings. You are not in college’s getting together certainly.
  • Fitting: Make sure that the fitting of your dress is not uncomfortable for you and others too. It must be normally fit and easy to sit with. Pants must fit but comfortable to sit with. Same goes for the skirts.
  • Friday is dressing: You can wear a company logo shirt with the formal pants. Do not go entirely causal. 

Things to take care of:

Present yourself in the neat and clean way. Make sure that you have clean and well manicured nails. The hairs are well shampooed and tangles free. The shoes must also be neat and clean and without any dirt. Do not forget to put on some deodorant or perfume. Keep a bottle with you too. Take a full sleep so that you will appear without any bags under your eyes. Do iron your clothes properly and keep them wrinkle free.

Remember that, the more you look presentable, the more there are chances that others will take your work seriously.