The tradition of wearing Jewellery is not developed in recent years but is centuries old. Jewellery, being an integral part of a woman’s life, is worn by almost every woman around the globe. The practice of wearing it never gets old, as women are naturally attracted to it. Jewellery has a wide range of all the accessories to decorate all the parts of your body, example ears, neck, hands, toes, ankles, fingers and even waist. Like the range, jewellery is not just restricted to a particular kind. Some of its kinds are as follow:

Gold jewellery:

Gold jewellery

Jewellery made with this metal is quite costly nowadays. It is actually loved by women. Wide ranges of jewellery are available in the shops from which you can select your favourite type. Interestingly, you can even order any particular design for you to get ready. The gold jewellery is further beautified with gems or diamonds making its worth more. Gold jewellery was previously worn by brides or gifted in weddings, but due to its price hike, brides tend to wear imitation jewellery for security reasons.

Antique Jewellery:

Antique Jewellery

Antique jewellery is particularly a sophisticated type of jewellery adore by the one who has a fine taste. It has beautiful designs which women wear on simple dresses so that the jewellery gets highlighted. Although antique jewellery is expensive, yet has a huge demand. Usually, it consists of old time designs the royal ladies use to wear.

Pearl jewellery:

Pearl jewellery

This type of jewellery is particularly my favourite. It is an all time fashion wear. Real pearls designed together in order to form a perfect piece of jewellery. You can wear them in formal or even semi-formal occasions, if selectively wore on a simple decent dress, it will not just compliment the beauty of your dress, but your beauty as well. Though being expensive, women love to wear a pearl necklace. Luckily we have artificial pearl sets vastly available for the one who cannot afford the real pearls.

Kundan jewellery:

Kundan jewellery

Well, this kind of jewellery is very much in fashion nowadays. Though being Indian jewellery, Kundan sets are very much a popular wear these days. A minimalistic design of Kundan jewellery is in high demands for brides. Women adore wearing them in weddings and parties. Thankfully it is easy on the pocket!

Handmade jewellery:

Handmade jewellery

This is a unique form of jewellery, made with colourful beads, stones and sequins make a brilliant combination of a must-have jewellery. People nowadays make creative handmade jewellery including rings, earrings, necklaces, and anklets themselves but also it is vastly available in the markets at very low rates. This is one of the best types of jewellery which is very much popular and in fashion these days among the young girls.

Platinum jewellery:

Platinum jewellery

Platinum jewellery is a kind of jewellery which is frankly speaking, not for everyone. It is very expensive. More than the price of gold. But the unique and inimitable designs of platinum jewellery will force you to adore it. Diamonds embellish with platinum jewellery further beautify the design. We can say that platinum jewellery is a royal wear!

Silver jewellery:

Silver jewellery

Silver jewellery is also a kind of jewellery loved by women at large, we can say that it is costly a little, but the elegant designs of earrings and bangles will force you to get it! The silver nose rings were quite in demand 6-8 months backs but is replaced by gold nose pins these days.

These were some of the kinds of jewellery worn by women mostly though there are many to be mentioned!