Keep Your Hair Styles According to Your Face Shape

Hair Styles According to Your Face Shape-final

Choosing a best hairstyle either long or short that compliment your facial features is just partially important, as it is equally necessary that it goes with your face shape as well. Few basic face shapes are round, square, oval, diamond, heart and rectangular. You need to first identify the face shape you have in order to find out the hairstyle that will suit you the best.

I have deeply examined few hairstyles that suit in particular with some face shapes.  Let’s have a look.


Hair Styles for ROUND FACE

People with round face must go with a hairstyle that is short as short hairstyles will best suit them. They should keep the hairstyle sweep back side away from their face. By doing this, it will add great volume with height at crown hence giving you a gorgeous look! Hairstyles like Sharp bob and tapered pixie cut will certainly pull the best out of you.


Hair Styles for SQUARE FACE

People like round shape face, people with square shape face should also go for a hairstyle that is short or can even go for a medium length hairstyle but should not go for hairstyles that are long or very long. ANGLED BOB, VOLUMINOUS BOB are hairstyles that will best suit the people with a square face.


Hair Styles for OVAL FACE

If you have an oval face then you are very much lucky to wear whatever hairstyles regardless of the length. All lengths will certainly suit you short, medium or long. However, if you are into outdoor sports activities than it is more preferable if you keep your hair length short so that your hairs do not distract you or your view every time.


Hair Styles for OBLONG FACE

People with rectangular or an oblong face shape are preferable to go for a short or even a medium hairstyle. Your hairstyle can even be a standout if you go for bangs for a soft and gentle look.


Hair Styles for Heart Faces

People with a heart shape face must go for a hairstyle that is long. However, short hairstyles should be avoided as they will not go with your face type.  Medium length hairstyles will also look incredible.  Making a ponytail will surely look impressive.


Hair Styles for TRIANGLE FACE

People with a triangle face are advised to go for short hairstyles. However, bands will go well with your hairstyle. Even if you love long hairstyles, then you can curl or perm your hairs for an extraordinary look.


Hair Styles for Diamond Faces

Like the oval face people, you are equally lucky as almost all the hairstyles will suit you. You can wear short, medium or long hairstyle as according to your wish. A hairstyle which is side part and long waves will not just compliment your looks but will make you a standout for sure! However sleek straight hairs will also go with your face shape.

So these were few face shapes with the best hairstyle’s advice that will look the best on them. However, all might not agree with me!