THE JEWELRY THAT EXACTLY SUITS YOU-CoverSelection of Jewelry can be really confusing for women at times, especially if they have to wear it for a very special occasion. Wearing whatever suits your dress is not always a good idea as sometimes they do not go with your looks. Your face cut, features, and even hairstyles can determine the type of Jewelry that looks perfect on you. In this article, I will discuss some face cuts that, will help you opt your perfect Jewelry type!

People with a Round shape face:

Jewelry for Round shape face

For women with round face, a thin long set is a perfect match for you. Do not go for a neck full heavy set, instead, wear something light. A heavy necklace will make your appearance look bulky; however wearing something light will give a slim look to your face. Long earrings are preferable instead of small tops. Avoid wearing nose rings instead wear a single stud nose pin. For a round face type, an open hairstyle is very much preferable.

People with an oval shape face:

Jewelry for an oval shape face

Luckily, people with oval shape can wear anything they feel like as far as it goes with their dress and is up to the date!  Yet a very long necklace and earrings are not preferable, instead, wear a necklace which is proportionally long and thick. Same in the case of earrings as well, they should be average in length and not very heavy. For your nose, if you wear a nose ring it will perfectly go with your looks.

People with a Rectangular shape face:

Jewelry for Rectangular shape face-Final

Jewelry that makes your face and neck look shorter is actually the right one for you. Wearing a necklace with an oval shape will suit your looks perfectly. Try something vibrant. Something short, like a simple decent necklace with button shape delicate tops instead of long earrings. Nose studs are more appropriate in the case of a rectangular shape face.

People with a heart-shaped face:

Jewelry for Heart shape face

Something classy that balances their wider forehead and width of their face. They are advised to wear earrings that are in oval shape or maybe round would be fine, in the case of a necklace, short necklace with the curves are more suitable as they will help to reduce the length appearance of the jaw line.

These were some of the face shapes that help to determine the type of Jewelry that perfectly suits you; however some other Jewelry related concerns are as follow:



Before wearing Martha Patti, you first need to determine the type of forehead you have. If you have a short forehead, avoid wearing it when you become a bride, or if you like wearing it then wear a thin design. However, girls with a broader forehead can actually wear it along with the jhoomar.


Rings Designs for women in Jewelry

If you have long thin fingers then you can surely wear any type of ring of your choice, however, women with short fingers should wear rings that are delicate and small. In the case of toe rings, girls with short fingers must avoid wearing toe rings and if wore it should be delicate and thin.

These were some of the basic facts regarding Jewelry type that will suit according to your face cuts and other features.

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