How To Make A Hair Bow With 6 Easy Steps

How To Make A Hair Bow With 6 Easy Steps
This is an alluring and ordinary hairstyle that can be made easily at home.creates this look using 2 clutch and a rubber band. It works well with tousled long hair and you can optionally add gentle curls. The Hair Bow is a look that is elegant, simple and bangs on trend for 2016 Hair.

Follow these simple step by step instructions to make this great hair bow

1. Start by taking one small section of hair from each side of your head.
The bigger the sections, the bigger the bow.

Hair Bow-01

2. Tie the two segments together with an elastic to make a half ponytail. Don’t pull the ends
through the elastic the last time you muffle it to create a hoop like a picture on the right.

Hair Bow-02

3. Split the hoop in half to create two smaller hoops and clip one hoop aside for up-to-the-minute.

Hair Bow-03
4. Use your fingers to screw out the hoop and shove it flat against your head into a bow shape.
Insert one bobby pin going from top to bottom and one going from bottom to top.
Hair Bow-04
5. Repeat on the opposing side to finish the bow shape.

Hair Bow-05

6. Pick up the endure ends of the ponytail and wrap them up and around the elastic to conceal it.
Assured it with bobby pins underneath.

Hair Bow-06

Hope that you enjoyed our article and will try with your beautiful hair to make this Hair Bow. As Every step is defined in an easy way so you can easily change your hair styles in this beautiful Bow. But keep in mind that every hairstyle is not for everyone and you always keep your Hair Styles according to your face cuts.

Watch out this Video for better understand above steps to make Hair Bow.

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