Hands are the most attractive feature of your body. Soft, clean and beautiful hands represent how conscious you are in terms of your care. They need extra care as well like our face and hairs.  Jewelry such as bangles, bracelets or rings wore on beautiful hands further enhances your beauty.  Some measures which you can take to further beautify your hands are as follow:

Regularly trim or file your nails.

Protect them from the sun.  Try wearing full sleeves if you need to face the excessive sunlight.

Use a good cream or lotion after every bath.

Manicure your hands regularly.

Be careful while cooking; try not to burn your hands.

Regularly massage your hands twice a week.

Be careful with scratches from pets.

Always use a good moisturizer or cream for hands to make them soft and smell good.


How can I make my hands feel soft and gentle?

hands feel soft and gentle

All you need to do is to make your hands moisturize for a soft gentle look. Apply a little Vaseline petroleum jelly and massage them with light hands. This will not only make your hands soft but your hands and nails shiny as well.

How can I make my hands strong?

hands strong

Massage your hands with coconut oil regularly twice in a week.

 Homemade moisturizer for dry hands in winter.

Homemade moisturizer for dry hands

Lemon mixed with honey and milk in a paste like texture serves the best moisturizer in winters.

Homemade scrub for hands.

Homemade scrub for hands

Honey, coconut oil, boiled white coat, and milk blends the ingredients to prepare a homemade scrub for your hands.

How can I further beautify my hands?

further beautify my hands

You can apply shocking nail polish colors which are now very much in fashion nowadays or can do French manicure to further beautify your hands.

Is applying red mehendi harmful to the hands?

red mehendi

Though it looks awesome on hands and is quite ‘IN’ but yes certainly, applying it can be dangerous or harmful to your skin as it contains certain harsh chemicals that can damage your skin. 

How can I avoid ingrown nail problem?

ingrown nail problems

To avoid ingrown nail problems, avoid doing manicure yourself; instead, take services from a well-trained salon. Also do not deep cut or vertical cutting the corners of your nails. Apply Vaseline petroleum jelly and rub it gently on the edges of your nails trying to lift the nail a little above the skin. This will let your nail not to get into the skin hence avoid ingrown nail problem.

What to do for dark elbows?

dark elbows

This is a very common problem mostly complained by people. The dark elbow color looks very visible and prominent especially people with fair hands. You can gently rub lemon on the dark elbow regularly once a day. This will definitely help discolor your dark elbow.

How to fair my hands and make them beautiful?

fair my hands

You can gently rub flour mixed with water in a thin paste form for about 10 minutes twice a week, this will help glow your hand’s skin color making them beautiful and soft!