Favorite Top 8 Jewelry Trends in 2015

 Jewelry Trends - fashionvela.comThe year is quickly coming to the end, and team has spent it working with thousands of gorgeous, trendy items.  We are very much into fashion and are devoted to finding the most fashionable items we can for everyone’s unique taste.  Our team also loves spending hours discussing jewelry trends, even if it can turn into a real fashion battle sometimes.  Today we have put our fashionable heads together and have decided to review our top favorite jewelry trends of 2013 and share them with you.  Take a close look – we are sure some of these trends will still have to stay power next year!

1- Crosses Jewelry

Crosses Jewelry

This sacred accessory has been used by many designers, from Dolce & Gabbana to Marie Poniatowski.  This religious symbol became important in the world of fashion this year.  It appeared in different sizes and shapes, was crafted in various metals and decorated with gemstones.

2- Floral Jewelry

Floral jewelry

It is difficult to say whether the floral motif ever went out of fashion.  Shiny flowers, elegant leaves and vivid butterflies give a very romantic look.  They match well with evening wear, day wear, or whenever you are in a dreamy mood.

3- Wild Trend

Wild Jewelry

Cats, jaguars, dragons, snakes, elephants and scorpions have attacked your jewelry box this year.  Or at least, there’s a pretty good chance that one of the species has invaded your accessories!  These accessories came back into fashion along with animal printed clothing, and could have been inspired by the famous television series, Game of Thrones (at least that explains the popularity of dragons).

4- Cuffs Jewelry

Cuffs Jewelry

Strong women definitely wore statement jewelry this year. Cuff bracelets are our favorite because they give so much self-confidence.   They’re associated with ancient warrior accessories and, most importantly, the match really well with other stack bracelets!

5- Punk Jewelry

Punk Jewelry

Punk was back this year and became a real hit.  Many designers, including Donatella Versace, used punk elements in their collections.  Metal details, black jewelry, and skulls became real must-haves for fashionistas.

6- Stack bracelets and rings

Stack bracelets and rings

Who said that less is more?  Never heard of it! 🙂  Wear as many rings and bracelets as you want – there are no limits for style or color.  The more, the better!

7- Turquoise jewelry

Turquoise jewelry

Sky blue turquoise contrasts nicely with black or white clothing, as well as other vibrant colors – for example, pink.  It adds a sophisticated but vivid touch to any style or dress code.

8- Descriptive jewelry

Descriptive jewelry

Want a really fashionable look?  Wear your words.  “Love”, “hope” and “help” seem to be seen most often.  Don’t own one yet?  Look for the Universal Language brand on

What is your favorite jewelry trend? Let us know by your comments.