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Lipstick SOS: These 5 lipstick tricks you should know

 Content What do you do about lipstick on your teeth? Trick 1: What to do against lipstick spots? Trick 2: Pierced lipstick! What now? Trick 3: This helps against molten lipstick Trick 4: lipstick on the teeth adé! Trick 5: Avoid prolonged lipstick What do you do about lipstick on your teeth? Beautiful are they,

How To Carry Make-up With Ease

One of the essential things to any women in the world is her make-up. It’s something women are pretty cautious and touchy about. However, Asian women have a special interest in this field. They define their beauty and cosmetic care through their make-up and always tend to remain highly updated in this regard. But a

How Much Does Fertility Treatment Cost

Infertility has become the most common problems attacking both women and men, interrupting their chances of having babies. With an advanced in technology, they seem to have many options of fertility treatment to boost their chances of having babies. The real problem is that how much does fertility treatment cost and how effective it is

Tips to Get Back your Shrunk Dress Faster

If you are the lady who tends to wear the same dress again and again rather than buying some new dresses every week then you must be washing your clothes on a weekly basis so that you can keep them look clean and new. But the problem with washing is that sometimes the apparel you