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Lipstick SOS: These 5 lipstick tricks you should know

 Content What do you do about lipstick on your teeth? Trick 1: What to do against lipstick spots? Trick 2: Pierced lipstick! What now? Trick 3: This helps against molten lipstick Trick 4: lipstick on the teeth adé! Trick 5: Avoid prolonged lipstick What do you do about lipstick on your teeth? Beautiful are they,

4 Best Scarf Knots for Men

Using scarves with either a dress shirt or a casual t-shirt is very common nowadays. But still there are so many people who do not know how to tie a knot with a scarf and that what kinds of scarf knots are there that they can choose for them. A scarf is typically used in

3 Ways to Wear a Casual Dress Shirt

If you are feeling a little bit rough and your friends have sent you a message to go out to see a movie or maybe for hanging around with your gang then what would you do if you are not in a mood to get a perfect outfit? Getting dressed properly is not the only

How To Make A Hair Bow With 6 Easy Steps

This is an alluring and ordinary hairstyle that can be made easily at home.creates this look using 2 clutch and a rubber band. It works well with tousled long hair and you can optionally add gentle curls. The Hair Bow is a look that is elegant, simple and bangs on trend for 2016 Hair. Follow

Keep Your Hair Styles According to Your Face Shape

Choosing a best hairstyle either long or short that compliment your facial features is just partially important, as it is equally necessary that it goes with your face shape as well. Few basic face shapes are round, square, oval, diamond, heart and rectangular. You need to first identify the face shape you have in order