Best Practices to Remove Different Stains from Clothes

Best Practices to Remove Different Stains from Clothes2

Clothes are probably the easiest part that everyone fears to have dirt spot on them. Every day we do our routine work like getting ready for office, eating our breakfast, taking children to school etc. And by doing all these important work, we fear to getting a spot even while eating or by going through a muddy way. There are plenty of ways to get our clothes dirty and if you are a child then it is very amusing but unfortunately, the good days have been over long ago. You are not a kid anymore and this is the reason that you are worried about stains and different kinds of dirt spot that you fear to have on your clothes.

Best Practices to Remove Different Stains from Clothes

This is a common thing and it doesn’t happen only with you alone. But the question is that is there any way to remove the stain completely as if it wasn’t there on your clothes ever? The answer is, absolutely yes.

Whenever you watch a dirt spot on either your sleeves, chest or maybe on your pants then you might start rubbing it off from your dress that is the totally wrong thing as in this way you are not getting it remove but making it stay permanently. You can follow these few options to remove the stain completely from your beautiful dress that it will not let you know anybody that there were some stains on your clothes in the past.

Use a White Washcloth:

Use a White Washcloth

Instead of rubbing out the stain with your nails, you should use a white cloth to remove it. And do not apply too much force on it. Try to be gentle while cleaning the big part of the stain. Using a colored piece of cloth is not advised as it may leave the color on your dress if the stain is a sticky liquid or something like that.

Use a Sharp Thing to Remove Excess Part:

Use a Sharp Thing to Remove Excess Part

Let say you are eating pastries or cake and it just fell on your lap then, in such case you should use a sharp thing to remove the big part of that sticky food from your dress. Like you can use a knife but be very careful as if you did it in a wrong way or maybe with carelessness, then it may break the thread of your dress, which is not good at all.

Soak the Dress in Cold Water:

Soak the Dress in Cold Water

To make the stain lighter, you should use some cold water in which you can soak the dress. Cold water is very good option to make the stain lighter and it will make your work a lot easier. Soak the dress for at least 10 to 15 minutes in the cold water so that it can make the stain weaker.

Use Detergent:

Use Detergent

After removing the excess part of the stain and soaking well your dress in the cold water, you should go back into your washing area and get some detergent powder that you can use with cold water to remove the stain permanently.