5 Best Ways to remove Lint Balls and Pilings from your Dress at Home

Best Ways to remove Lint Balls and Pilings from your Dress at Home

So many people tend to wear a different kind of apparels on different occasions only to look smarter and beautiful. Women are very much interested in getting a new dress for different occasions and they should be, because a woman without a good taste for jewelry and clothes is not a complete woman on the earth. There are tons of designers who are busy in designing the best and newest design for every next lady on the earth. But the problem that most of the ladies have in common is that the apparel they purchase gets lint balls and pilings on it even after a third or fourth wash.

You do not have to purchase a new dress for every next function you are about to attend and in fact, before you go back and purchase a new dress for you, just hold on and use one of these few tips to remove the lint and get your beautiful dress back in its beautiful shape once again.

Use Scotch Tape:

Use Scotch Tape

If the lint balls are not in huge numbers then you can easily use a regular scotch tape from the bedside drawer. Just take the tape and roll out a big piece of it and keep the sticky part of it outwards. Roll it all the way on your dress where you can see the lint balls and pilings easily and keep going it until the roll loses its stickiness.

Use Regular Razor:

Use Regular Razor

Secondly, you can use a razor of your husband or you can borrow it from a friend for few minutes. Just spread the dress all over on the floor or on a plain table so that you can easily spot the places where it has too many lint balls and pilings. Gently move the razor over your dress so that you can remove the lint balls from it but be very much careful when doing that as if you apply little more force than needed it can tear up your dress right away.

Use Scissors:

Use Scissors

Another way to remove the lint balls is to use a regular pair of scissors that can be available in your house easily. Just spread the dress all over again as you did in the previous case and start cutting out the lint balls and pilings one by one. This process can be a little lengthy with scissors and cutting out the lint one by one but by doing this, you can make your dress look perfectly lint free.

Use Sweater Comb:

Use Sweeter Comb

If you can afford then using a sweater comb is another useful way to remove all the lint balls and pilings from your dress. You can get it from any clothing store near to your house. It has very sharp and small edges over it that instantly picks out all the pilings from the cloth and gives you the best results.

Use a Pumice Stone:

Use a Pumice Stone

Another useful way to remove lint balls is to use a pumice stone that can be available easily and cheaply from any regular store. Just rub the pumice stone on your dress very gently and remove all the lint balls without struggling hard with your dress.