3 Ways to Wear a Casual Dress Shirt

3 Ways to Wear a Casual Dress Shirt

If you are feeling a little bit rough and your friends have sent you a message to go out to see a movie or maybe for hanging around with your gang then what would you do if you are not in a mood to get a perfect outfit? Getting dressed properly is not the only option for everybody and you can step back and choose a casual dress for going to a party or meet your friends. You probably are thinking that what would be the right way to wear that casual dress you are thinking to wear or maybe you are totally out of the game and failed to select an outfit.

Whether it is a casual meeting with your friends or maybe it’s a surprise date with your girl, you can always try one of these three ways to wear a casual dress shirt with either jeans or maybe a regular trouser.

Wear a Dress Shirt with Trousers:

Casual Dress Shirt with Trousers

If the weather is not too cold and you can wear a single dress shirt even in the evening where there is a solid chance of climate to get a little cold then you can easily use a dress shirt with a regular trouser from your cupboard. Just pick a light casual dress shirt and do not tuck it inside the trouser. You can either use a tie in even black color or maybe in white color if it matches the color of your dress shirt. But using a tie is not compulsory if you are feeling good with a tie that is loosened from the collar then it is fine otherwise, you can always drop the tie from your outfit.

Wear a Dress Shirt with a T-Shirt Underneath:

Dress Shirt with a T-Shirt

You can try a casual dress shirt with a t-shirt underneath if there is a little cold outside so that you can stay away from cold wind while you are coming back from the party, movie or maybe from the date. You can either pick a cotton dress shirt with a warm t-shirt underneath let say a t-shirt made up of wool and you will be safe from such kind of circumstances. Just let the collar button open and spread the collar so that the t-shirt can be seen easily that will look fantastic on your body. You can use either a regular trouser or maybe a pair of jeans will do well with a casual dress shirt and a t-shirt underneath.

Wear a Dress Shirt with a Sweater and Jeans:

Dress Shirt with a Sweater and Jeans

Alternatively, you can use a casual dress shirt with a pair of jeans and you can put on a light sweater on your dress shirt. Just let the button of your sweater open and spread both of the sides wide so that it can give you great results. On the other hand, you can use a tie with your casual dress shirt and after wearing the tie, you can close the buttons of your sweater but make sure the sweater does not have any collar otherwise it will look very odd if it does.

Try one of these tips to get the best results even with your casual dress shirt and have fun with your friends.